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Martial Arts Philosophy Cafe...Train the Mind

Each month we will be adding more articles on philosophy training in the martial arts. These articles will include sayings, research and in depth analysis of many types of philosophy involved in martial arts training. Please email us with comments, suggestions and ideas at editor@fudoshin.franzkarate.com

Date Topic / Description
5/2007 Seeking perfection of martial arts character, technique, understanding
1/2007 Kata No Rokugensoku (Six Principles of Kata)
9/2007 Karate Do or Karate Kai...what is the difference?
9/2007 Keiko...the period of reflection and training
4/2004 Kaizen...constant and never ending improvement
6/2000 Shu Ha Ri Ku - The Four levels of attainment in Martial Arts
None Philosophical Sayings for Martial Artists
None Chris Wittler Philosophy
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